4 Considerations to Ensure Your Density Separator Addresses Your Processing Needs

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4 Considerations to Ensure Your Density Separator Addresses Your Processing Needs

There are many approaches to separating minerals

A density separator is designed to separate materials such as sand and other minerals into two fractions—coarse (or high sg.) and fine (or low sg). In principle, material is introduced into the top of the sizer and a rising current of water is introduced near mid-vessel . Then, based on control settings and water volume, the sand is separated and leaves the vessel via the discharge valve or overflow weirs.

The separation of material is based on a principle that is referred to as hindered settling. When water is introduced through the teeter bars, an upward rising current occurs. As a result, the bed of material becomes denser, decreasing the amount of area the water must pass through, causing an increase in velocity. The finer/low specific-gravity particles are carried over the weirs while the larger particles pass through to the pay-off valve. Adjustments can be made with the instrumentation of the separator to affect this cut point.

If all hindered-settling devices work on basically the same principle, how do you know which density separator is suitable for your project?

  1. Is the density separator user-friendly?

Users should be able to adjust the density of the bed by means of a simple control. With simplistic and easy-to-use controls, the user can easily maintain or change cut points with the push of a button. Look for a plug-and-play solution that operates on less than five amps of AC voltage.

  1. Can the separator be used with other mining equipment?

Mining equipment is a large investment. Therefore, you want to make sure that you can use your separator with other equipment, such as cyclones, pumps, attrition scrubbers, and dewatering screens.

  1. What safety measures have been put in place?

When updating or modifying the equipment, you need to ensure workers are safe at all times. Look for a separator with a unique spray-pipe system that can be changed without entering the vessel (Met Pro was the first to design and use this). Bars are installed using a patented swedge-sealing system that make the pipes easy to access.

  1. No additional equipment should be required to operate your sizer.

When looking for a density separator, no additional equipment should be needed. However, many control systems require the use of compressed air, which will need to be dry and clean. An air compressor out of service means your separator is out of service, too.

You have invested time, energy, and research to create top quality products. You should expect your equipment to have a reputation for quality, consistency, and longevity.