The Value of a Magnetic Wear Liner

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The Value of a Magnetic Wear Liner

Wear and tear on equipment is costly—not to mention the downtime needed for repairs. Imagine taking 10 to 15 minutes to change out a liner that would typically take a day or more? 

Magnetic wear liner systems deliver custom solutions for all of your wear and screening needs with a quick install. Liners are made from high-quality polyurethane that can be applied to any steel surface. There are no holes to drill; just place the liner into position, and installation is complete in minutes—no bolts, no glue, no welding. 

When looking for ways to prevent the deterioration of expensive equipment and machinery, magnetic wear liners provide a critical need. Designed with a powerful magnetic attraction that will hold in all applications, magnetic liners offer a quality, cost-effective solution for aggregate mining.  

When worn liners are changed in a timely manner, your equipment will have more durability and a much longer lifespan, because of their easy installation and removal, you can switch out panels when needed, keeping all systems running smoothly. 

Liners are best used in applications such as: 

  • Material handling transfer chutes 
  • Conveyor feed hoppers
  • Fine material washer discharges
  • Bucket wheel liners

With more than 60 years of experience, Met Pro offers a complete line of high-quality magnetic liner solutions custom designed for aggregate plants. We understand the challenges you face every day and the pressure to cut costs and improve sustainability. Our team of dedicated experts will help you find the products you need to save time and reduce costs.  

For more information on Met Pro and its complete line of products, contact us at (888) 616-8226.