Slurry Pumps: Reliability and Ruggedness

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Slurry Pumps: Reliability and Ruggedness

The Met Pro slurry pump is based on a design that has been around for almost 80 years. Over those 80 years, a few things have changed, but one thing has remained the same – reliability and the ruggedness to get the job done day in and day out. The design is very simple – a heavy duty-cast base that holds the grease-lubricated bearing assembly, and a cantilevered volute.  

Met Pro slurry pumps can be configured with high chromium components, 55 durometer rubber components, or urethane components, depending on what each application calls for. The Met Pro slurry pumps can also be configured to have a traditional stuffing box-type shaft seal that requires water or an expeller-type shaft seal that requires only grease lubrication from time to time.  

Met Pro slurry pumps are also available in high-head designs. When the application calls for discharge heads that exceed the limits of a standard pump, the Met Pro high-head series may be the answer. No matter how the pump is configured, they will all have one thing in common: low cost of ownership.  

Feature and Benefits of Met Pro Slurry Pumps 

  • Bearing Assembly – Large shaft diameter with greaseable bearings. Fully adjustable in the base to maintain proper impeller to throat bushing clearance. 
  • Liners – High Chromium, rubber, or urethane, depending on the application. Easily changeable and reconfigurable. Change from high chromium to rubber or urethane using the same base and volute covers. 
  • Heavy Duty Cast Base – Designed to last many years. 
  • Heavy duty, reinforced volute cases that encapsulate the volute liners for extra rigidity and durability. 

 Typical Applications 

  • Cyclone feed 
  • Tailings discharge 
  • Thickener underflow 
  • Plant process/slurry transportation