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Spin Pro & Stack Pro

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What is a Cyclone?

There are two types of cyclones. Spin Pro is a standard hydrocyclone and Stack Pro is a dewatering cyclone. They operate similarly. Both pieces of process equipment are capable of handling large volumes of slurry and classifying it based on differences in size and/or specific gravity. Based on these differences two products result – an underflow and an overflow. Centrifugal force that is generated by a slurry entering the feed chamber under pressure is used to make the separations. This force causes the larger particles to be pushed to the cone wall while the finer material is kept closer to the center. The vortex finder draws the water and fine material to the overflow while the coarser material makes its way out the apex.

What is the difference between a Spin Pro and a Stack Pro?

Spin Pro Hydrocyclone 

  • Overflow and underflow ‘vented’ to the atmosphere.
  • Overflow of a Spin Pro will stop after the 180 degree return.
  • By being open or vented, a Spin Pro will make a volumetric split. For every gallon that is delivered to it, a certain portion will go to the overflow and a certain portion to the underflow, with or without solids.

    Stack Pro - Dewatering Cyclones

    • Closed to the atmosphere by the underflow regulator and an overflow waterplug.
    • Overflow of a Stack Pro will have a ‘down leg’ of piping at least 6’–8’ below the bottom of the underflow regulator.
    • By being closed, a Stack Pro can control the volume to the underflow, forcing the majority of water and fines to the overflow. With water only, the Stack Pro should have a nearly dry underflow.

    Met Pro has standardized our hydrocyclones so that we are able to keep a large quantity of parts available for quick shipping, and we provide ongoing outstanding customer service. Once your Spin Pro or Stack Pro is installed, we provide start-up assistance and are always available to ensure your success.We have been manufacturing hydrocylones for 60 years. Our equipment can be found in operations throughout the country as well as in the plants of the largest phosphate producer in the world.

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