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Reinforcement Of Weak Areas

Through FEA

Robust Machine

Structural Integrity & High Horse Power

Customizable Frame

Multiple Urethane Panel Options

Coil Springs

Prolonged Deck Life

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Dewatering Screens

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In today’s competitive atmosphere most equipment manufacturers make their decisions on how to build a particular piece of equipment based on economics. They have a target price and profit margin in mind and then decide how much is left to build the equipment. Or, they look at a competitor’s piece of equipment and reverse engineer it. After all, it’s just steel and off-the-shelf components. The problem is that this can lead to copying inferior traits and weaknesses.

At Met Pro, when we decided to enter the dewatering screen market, we looked at competitor’s machines like everyone else. However, in the design process we discovered weak points through FEA and reworked those areas. The result is a robust machine with lots of structural integrity. Standard features include a frame designed to accept popular urethane panels, extra thick UHMW side wear liners, high-horsepower eccentric motor drives to power through load surges, and coil springs instead of rubber mounts to keep the machine ‘live’ and prolong deck life.

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