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Wear Liners

The wear rate rate of chutes and hoppers can be very high as abrasive material pass from station to station in an aggregate processing plant.  Maintaining and replacing damaged or worn equipment can take up a significant amount of your business's budget. Met Pro is a market leader in wear liner design. Our liners reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Whether operating on mobile or fixed assets, the right wear liner material protects the equipment you use to move product within the plant.

Wear Liners Benefits

  • Improved health and safety - With the use of liners, your team will experience fewer hours of maintenance in potentially hazardous situations.
  • Increased uptime - Designed for longer life span, quick and easy change-outs, with magnetic liners requiring no tools to install.
  • Maximized throughput - Fewer change-outs mean less down-time, optimizing production.
  • Reduced costs - Minimized wear and tear on company assets. 

Are you having wear issues? Are abrasive materials eroding your equipment? When used in the correct application, long-lasting wear liners can significantly improve flow and the overall lifespan of your machines. Our team of experts can help you select precisely the right material and design for your operating conditions. In addition, we provide a wide range of custom wear liner solutions to meet your needs.

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Magnetic Liners In The News

The Value of a Magnetic Wear Liner - Wear and tear on equipment is costly—not to mention the downtime needed for repairs. Imagine taking 10 to 15 minutes to change out a liner that would typically take a day or more.

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